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Belajar Bahasa Inggris “QUESTION WORD FOR NON SUBJECT 2”

A. Question word

How + adjective =seberapa -> nominal

How + adverb of manner = seberapa -> verbal

1. How long (Berapa panjang/lama)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan

  • panjang dari sesuatu
– I measure my string one matter
– How long do you measure your string?
– My pole is six meters length
– How long is your pole?
  • Lama dari suatu pekerjaan yang dikerjakan, jawabannya:
  1. For…… = selama
  2. For an hour = selama satu jam
  3. For two days = selama dua hari
– I will come by at my friend’s house for an hour
– How long will you come by at your friend’s house?
– My holiday is for one week
– How long is your holiday?
2. How often / how many times (Berapa kali)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan jumlah dari suatu pekerjaan yang dikerjakan. Jawabannya :

  • Once / one time = sekali/satu kali
  • Twice = dua kali
  • There times = tiga kali
  • Very often = sangat sering
  • Untold = tak dapat dihitung
– I will soak my shirt once
– How often will you soak your shirt?
– I will be at school twice
– How often will you be at school?
3. How old (Berapa umurnya /seberapa umur)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan umur dari sesuatu.

  – I am not quite ten years old – How old are you?
4. How quick (Berapa kecepatannya / seberapa cepat)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan kecepatan dari sesuatu yang gak bisa dihitung dengan ukuran (meter, km, jam)

– My tree grows very quickly
– How quickly does your three grow?
– My growing three is very quick
– How quick is your growing three?
5. How wide (Berapa lebarnya)

digunakan untuk menanyakan lebar dari sesuatu

– I build a prayer house 10 meters width
– How widely do you build a prayer house?
– My prayer house is 10 meters width
– How wide is your prayer house?

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6. How heavy (Berapa beratnya)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan berat dari sesuatu

– I weigh a table 50 kg weight
– How heavily do you weigh a table?
– My table is about 10 kg
– How heavy is your table?
7. How deep (Berapa dalam)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan dalam dari sesuatu

– You are going to dig a well about 20 fathoms dept
– How deep are you going to dig a well?
– My well is going to be about 20 fathoms dept
– How deep is your well going to be?
8. How fast (Berapa cepatnya)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan kecepatan dari sesuatu

– We are going to speed along at 70 miles an hour
– How fast are we going to speed an hour?
– My car is going to be 9 km speed each five minutes
– How fast is your car going to be each five minutes?
9. How tall (Berapa tingginya)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan tinggi dari seseorang atau manusia.

– They are going to measure Mr. Tono 150 cm
– How tall are they going to measure Mr. Tono?
– Mr. Bakar is going to be 150 cm
– How tall is Mr. Bakar going to be?
10. How high (Berapa tingginya)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan tinggi dari suatu benda

– You are going to climb the tree 300 cm
– How high are going to climb the tree?
– My tree is going to be about 300 cm
– How high is your tree going to be?
11. How far (Berapa jauhnya)

Digunakan untuk menanyakan jarak

– They look a walk about 25 km
– How far did they take a walk?
– My house is near from here
– How far is your house from here?

Itu cara penggunaan question word for non subject yang delimun bagikan supaya bisa dipelajari.

Semoga bermanfaat…!!!

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